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(with apologies to James Lileks) Bleat! 10 by Wendy Seventyfivepenny The Top 10 Misspellings of Weblog URLs 1 onefellswoop for oneswellfoop (the mistake Bloat made and quickly corrected; thank you Sally) When I was looking for a domain name, belonged to a band from Vermont that had been named One Fell Swoop, but they'd already changed the group name to Dispatch and abandoned the site (maybe because there was a more successful One Fell Swoop band in St. Louis). In a perfect world, the St. Louis band would've ended up with the name; instead it was claimed by a guy from Chattanooga, Tennessee named Chuck Mull, and after two months, he hasn't done anything with it yet. I just hope Chuck Mull isn't related to Martin Mull, or new satire wars could break out. 2 CameraWorld for CamWorld CameraWorld is a real e-commerce site, selling (guess what?) cameras! They're promoting their site with large billboards, two of which have been a stone's throw from my house ever since November, when I was on Cam's prestigious linklist for two weeks. Now the billboards look down at me, mocking me. 3 BradLand for The BradLands BradLand is a diary maintained by a self-proclaimed "typical average-joe american teen" (NOT another riothero), using a Blogger-like posting tool called LiveJournal, that allows him to make entries every time he goes to the bathroom (or so it would seem). Featuring daring design elements, like links in virtually the same color as the background, and thought-provoking (if not headache-inducing) thoughts, like this modest proposal to save the world from its hormone-induced problems. 4 meganut for megnut Meg recently pointed out this mistake, and the fact that meganut redicts to a porno site, so don't try the link on your office computer, and be sure to have your major credit card ready. 5 wayback for wrongwaygoback (Neale's Wetlog) is a truly minimalist tribute to "Peabody's Improbable History", the segment on the Bullwinkle Show featuring the Way-back time machine, but at least the webmaster had the good sense to use Linux and Apache. 6 Gluetrain for The Cluetrain Manifesto Neither site is really a weblog, but I had to acknowledge Gluetrain's decision to register an intentionally confusing domain name specifically for the purpose of satire. If your eyes glaze over before the end of this long parody, here's a spoiler... Gluetrain's 95th thesis is: Soylent Green is people. Ha. 7 for is an e-business site for digimedia, "an Internet publishing and advertising firm headquartered in Terral, Oklahoma". Why? I don't know. 8 for is a self-proclaimed "extremely hardcore" porn site. So what did you expect? A site about paint removal? 9 edhead for evhead Under construction in 11 languages. 10 werent for twernt Lose the apostrophe in "weren't", and you have "WeRent", a San Francisco bay area apartment-listing site (which ev and meg have probably visited more often than twernt). BONUS LISTING: The parody site names used in the great goof of february 2000 The Motley Foop: Since Motley Fool uses, this would have to be, currently showing a bad placeholder for "the smartest discussion site on the web, coming soon"... At least its Finnish site,, is now open. C-NOT: Registered by Imagine Publishing of Brisbane, CA in March 1998, but currently inaccessible... could be availble soon! Tired News: Nobody tired themselves out designing the website. Six words: "Are you tired? Tell us why." and an e-mail link ( Not tiring, but sleep-inducing. TBC: is the Texas Biotechnology Corporation (maybe they can explain what makes Dubya tick). The British equivalent,, is Technology Business Computers, with a veddy British-sounding mission statement on its home page.


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